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We do concerts, algoraves and workshops in and around Copenhagen

Events will be posted to, and to our facebook page @LCCCopenhagen

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Upcomming Events

Past Events -- some with photos

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What is live coding?

Live coding is a new direction in electronic music and video art and consists of improvising music and visuals using on-the-fly programming, that is by writing and editing code in real time.

The computer screens of the performers will be projected as part of the stage setup for the audience to also enjoy the art of coding and to demystify algorithms as something that is out of our control.

Most live coding environments are free and open source, developed by the active and inclusive online community of live coders and contain examples an documentation to get you started at ease.

Also check out the TOPLAP Manifesto on Live Coding as performance

Who are we?

LiveCoders Collective Copenhagen

LCCC performances are not bound to one genre only, instead they aim at including and welcoming all influences in a democratic process where every person involved is responsible for the development of the audiovisual composition. It is more than a real-time composition, more than a performance: it is the being-now that makes the artistic product both created and lived in one single pass.

Live Coders Collective Copenhagen currently consist of the following members:

.pattern (Mattia Paterna) on TidalCycles and piano

terminal --void (Christoffer Krakou) on SonicPi and synth

_darch (Søren Peter Mørch) on Improviz and beamers

relaxnow (Mikael Galmar) on Sonic Pi, Hydra and Improviz

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Send us an e-mail at lccc(a)

You can also catch us by saying "Hej!" in the facebook groupe Live Coding Denmark and/or the #algoravedk channel on TOPLAP's discord - both forums welcome people form all parts of Denmark and beyound.

TOPLAP have moved their chat to Discord, where you among other things can find a channel for Improviz