Improviz Setup

Getting Improviz up and running

  • Download and install the Atom editor from - Go to Preferences/Settings and install the improviz plugin
  • Download Improviz for you system at:
  • Unzip it to you Desktop (or not)
  • Open up a command promt:
    • Windows: Search for cmd
    • MacOS: Search for Terminal
    • Linux: (you know what to do)
  • TIP: Use Tab to autocomplete the names of the folders
  • Naviate to the unzipped improviz folder by typing in the following.
    • Windows: cd Deskstop\improviz-win
    • MacOS: cd Desktop/improviz-osx
    • Linux: (you know what to do)
    • And the press Enter
  • Start improviz by typing in:
    • Windows: improviz
    • MacOS: ./improviz
    • Linux: ./improviz
    • And the press Enter
  • Type the following into Atom and save the file as a .pz
  • Press Shift + Enter to run the code

Docs about Improviz: